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Happy Memento Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed your time off. Now imagine this… if only you had a Memento camera clipped on to you, you could have been streaming your day to everyone live as it happened!

Yes, it’s true. We soon will not have to live life undocumented. The Memento camera is “a stamp-sized camera that can be worn on any garment and take pictures at 30-second intervals, creating a record of a life that can be searched and shared.”

This new technology can be incredibly powerful for historians, and also potentially for employers. Imagine the uses in the workplace. Anyone handling money or sensitive information may be required to wear one as part of their uniform, allowing the bosses to see what they did at any given moment of the day. Retail staff may sport them to reduce shrinkage. And HR’s investigations would be made much easier with a live-action documentary record of virtually every situation.

Readers, what do you think? Is something like this inevitable for the workplace?


A day in the life


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Tips to Keep Your Workers Safe on the Internet

It seems like there’s a new major hacking story every day. Are your employees able to navigate the web safely? Share these tips with them and make sure they stay safe- and don’t compromise your company’s network!

Top 5 Tips:

1. Never click on a link you did not expect to receive

2. Use different passwords on different sites

3. Never reuse your main email password

4. Use anti-virus software

5. If in doubt, block

Readers, have any tips of your own to share?

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Are You Familiar With QR Codes?

QR Codes are the latest thing in recruiting technology and, according to ERE.net, there are many benefits for HR professionals. While not everyone agrees that QR codes will have that much utility, HR professionals should be aware of what they are and how they are used just in case you come across a resume that has one. 

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are small barcodes on employee resumes or business cards that HR professionals and recruiters can scan by using their SmartPhones. When you scan a WR code on an applications resume, you are taken to targeted online links. Ideally, these links will contain something that gives you more useful information about the candidate. They might take you to a profile on LinkedIn, a Facebook page created to highlight relevant information about an applicant and his career, or a video that the applicant has made introducing himself to you. The applicant can really link the QR code to anything of his choosing and you’ll be taken directly there.

Are QR Codes Useful?

QR Codes can be useful for HR professionals because they allow quick access to employee information. However, the utility depends upon the quality of the information that the candidate has linked you to. If the candidate doesn’t provide relevant and useful links that actually add value in learning about his fitness for a position, then the QR Code is just more useless information.

QR Codes will also be most useful once an HR professional is already interested in a candidate. When you are reviewing resumes, typically you aren’t going to click on the QR code on every single resume you receive, as this could take a significant amount of time. Therefore, the original resume data that people include should still contain the meat of their details, since that’s what will convince you to click on the QR Code. Since the resume still has to contain the essential information, this too raises questions about how useful QR Codes will be. 

Finally, remember that there are other ways to access the same employee information. Googling the name of the employee, for example, can lead you to any online information you hope to find. And, unlike with QR Codes, the traditional Google method will allow you to find out information the employee doesn’t specifically want you to know, which can be more useful to getting to know a potential employee than looking at a sales pitch he has created. 

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