4 Top Tips for 2017

Performance reviews. Think of it like “plastics” in The Graduate.  http://bit.ly/2iIYT9v  It’s one piece of advice Workforce.com is offering HR as we launch into 2017. Here’s their short list of trends HR should follow for 2017.

Adopt a start-up mentality to fuel growth in HR. What does this mean? Do fewer things, but do them very well.

Treat employees as individuals, not as Gen X, Y or Z. Got it. See the patterns of behavior the individual displays, and act on those – not the fact that the employee is a boomer.

Resurrect the performance review (instead of letting it die). The death of the performance review has been around for some time. But guess what? Without performance data, there’s no performance management.

Choose best-of-breed solutions over core HR systems. Big doesn’t mean better. Get what you need, and integrate them together in a way that enables comprehensive reporting and big-picture analytics. (I know, easier said than done!)



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