How to Stop Time Management from Taking Over Your Life

As you lie on the sofa, idly playing with the new gadget you received as a gift, what better to do than to read about time management and productivity? And before you start thinking you have to actually get off the sofa and start doing something useful, relax. This piece takes a look at how time management makes fools of us all, leading to less creativity, and that work follows Parkinson’s law – that it will just fill to the time available.

And time management’s credo of maximum productivity is even extending to our leisure time. Are you truly making the most of your time lying on the sofa? Couldn’t you – shouldn’t you – be learning a language? Fixing the roof? Writing a novel? Exercising? When the idea of maximizing your time takes over, your time ceases to be yours to enjoy.

Stop worrying about inbox zero, charting your time used throughout the day, managing your top 4 priorities… All of that is useful, to a degree. Personally I find Hamper Zero more compelling – and more elusive – I can delete emails but how do I get rid of the never ending cycle of laundry produced? The fact is, life – and work – has elements of chaos, where we are not in control. Trying to impose structure on your time is just a way to try to control this chaos. Embrace it instead, allow some slack in your day, and you just may find yourself working (and relaxing) better.



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