Part-Time Shrinks, Thanks to ACA

It was bound to happen. As the ACA starts to kick in for employees of 30 hours or more, some employers are shrinking their part-timer’s schedules to fall below that 30 hour threshold.

Overall, an estimated 2.3 million workers nationwide, including 240,000 in California, are at risk of losing hours as employers adjust to the new math of workplace benefits, according to research by UC Berkeley.

Many part time workers are typically not covered currently by an employers healthcare plan. A recent survey showed that only 15% of part time workers are offered health insurance, with only 8% getting covered. So adding coverage for them is definitely a step up in costs for their employers.

Readers, what are your plans for part-time employees at your firm? Will you keep them on at 30 hours or above, or do you plan to trim their schedule to keep their hours down and avoid paying for their health premiums.


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