Reasons to Bring Back the Lunch Hour at Your Company

Has it become part of office culture for employees to eat lunch at their desks where you work?  

This month, a new campaign called “Take Back Your Lunch” was initiated by The Energy Project, encouraging employers to minimize worker burnout in their organizations.  

Many employees who tend to work at their desks at lunchtime would argue that doing so increases their productivity and shows a high level of commitment to their employers.

However, what is concerning for HR and management professionals is that this work culture could be damaging other areas:   

  • Lessening their interests in the work they do (and the effort they put into it)
  • Shortening job retention with your organization due to burnout
  • Increasing the frequency of bad moods and conflict in the workplace
  • Creating lower energy, leading to overall poor employee wellness  

“We want you to do anything that helps you relax or recharge — walk, take a yoga class, have a picnic lunch in the park,” says Emily Pines, the Take Back Your Lunch co-founder. “The main thing is you walk away, get out of the office, disengage from work.”

Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news article

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